Playhouse Decorating Ideas on a Budget: Make a House a Home

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Bright flowers springing up from the ground

The classic children’s playhouse is still a popular purchase among young families. The countless hours of enjoyment that children have been deriving from ‘playing house’ and escaping into their own little worlds is something that can’t possibly be replicated by video games and YouTube videos.

But, if you really want to draw their attention away from those ever-present screens, you’re going to need to put a little extra effort in to keep that playhouse remain relevant to the growing wants and needs of your kids. The very fact that they have their own space separate from the ‘main house’ should be enough to persuade them, of course, but we all know how fickle kids can be. So, if you want to keep them interested, you’re going to have to work a little to keep that playhouse looking spotless and inviting.

Ideas for Decorating the Outside of Your Playhouse

The interior might be where they’ll be spending their time, but if it doesn’t look inviting from the outside it’s not only going to steer them away, but it could be an eyesore in your garden. Here are a few ideas you might want to consider when decorating the outside of your wooden playhouse.

  • Paint or stain it with a fresh, creative colour.
  • Add plants or window boxes to really accentuate the ‘home away from home’ atmosphere of the playhouse and help it blend into the garden.
  • Add lighting to make it look warmer and more inviting.
  • Hang bunting at certain times of year to make the playhouse feel more festive.

Paint or Stain Your Playhouse

This is perhaps the most obvious and simple way to decorate a playhouse and update its overall look and feel. A fresh coat of paint will not only bring fresh life to your playhouse, but it will also ensure its further protected from the elements as long as you are using the correct paint or stain.

Wood primers and stains will have been manufactured specifically to seal and protect the wood and will also have been specially treated to protect the paint itself from the elements. Once your initial protection layer is down, a coat (or two) of weather-resistant satin or gloss should do the trick. Colour combinations are subjective, of course, but generally speaking, you’re best sticking to bold, contrasting colours, which will lend your playhouse a quirky, almost Wes Anderson vibe that will never fall out of fashion.

Colour choice will also depend on the style you’re trying to achieve. Blues and yellows might give you a summer beach-side vibe, whilst reds and browns will make it feel more winter-y and traditional. If you want to take it a step further, meanwhile, why not consider adding stencils or polka dots to the design? You could even allow your kids to paint their own murals, making it feel like they truly own their property.

Add Plants or Window Boxes

The whole point of decorating a children’s playhouse is to make it look and feel like a mini home. The best way to achieve this is to give it the same decorations you might give to a ‘regular-sized’ house. Window boxes and hanging baskets are a perfect solution here. Experiment with different types of flowers and different placements until you are happy with the result. You might even want to use the experience as a means for making your children feel a greater sense of ownership over the playhouse. Giving them the task of keeping the window boxes and baskets fed should help instil a sense of pride and responsibility in them.

Light It Up!

Solar and battery-powered lighting is your friend here, as regular lighting would either require you to run a power lead out to the playhouse (which could be dangerous) or install an electrical socket, which would prove expensive and time-consuming. You’ll be amazed, however, at the strength and clarity of modern solar powered fairy lights. This kind of lights are also very flexible and come in a variety of colours.

Add Bunting

As far as cheap, but effective decorations for playhouses are concerned, bunting is pretty much the perfect fit. Cheap enough that you can swap it out as the seasons change (red and white for Christmas, green for spring, yellow and summer and red for autumn etc.) and remarkably easy to hang, there is really no better way to frame the entrance to your playhouse.

Silver star and ball bunting hung on a wooden background

Ideas for Decorating the Inside of Your Playhouse

Whilst the interior design of the playhouse should largely be left to the ones who are going to be spending the most time in it, you can at least take care of the basics. In this regard, when it comes to decorating inside your playhouse, a little will always go a long way.

  • Add curtains or blinds for a little extra privacy.
  • Furniture and soft furnishings will make it feel more comfortable and homelier.
  • Shelves and cupboards will give your kids somewhere to store their favourite toys and games.
  • Paint the interior walls, hang some pictures or maybe even add some simple wallpaper.

Install Curtains or Blinds

Playhouse decorating ideas don’t come much simpler than this. It might sound obvious when we’re referring to a ‘proper’ house, but why should a playhouse not enjoy the same levels of privacy? Adding curtains or blinds to your playhouse is an easy way to make your kids know that you trust them to look after themselves and each other when you’re not looking. In the summer months, the scorching sun can also make a playhouse feel like a sauna, so drawing some blinds or curtains will mitigate the heat somewhat, allowing your kids to enjoy their summer playtime without sweating through their shorts.

Get Creative with Furniture

Whether your kids want to have tea parties, play board games or simply desire a comfy chair to kick back in whilst the parents crack on with dinner, your playhouse will require furnishing if you really want to make the most of it. What you’ll be able to comfortably fit will depend on the size of the property, of course, but the vast majority of modern wooden playhouses will include at least enough room for a small ‘kid-sized’ table and two chairs. If you have a little more room, meanwhile, consider splashing out on a sofa or even a bed for sleepovers. Speaking of soft furnishings; blankets, rugs, cushions and beanbags are ideally priced and sized to decorate a playhouse.

Add Some Shelves for Storage

Your kids will probably have a few ‘favourite’ toys that they’ll take everywhere with them, so when they’re spending time in their playhouse, they’ll need somewhere to store their precious treasures. Putting up a few small shelves or finding some space for a chest of draws or even some plastic containers (or ‘treasure chests’) will help them keep the playhouse tidy and safe.

Play Interior Decorator

If you want to go the extra mile and really make your playhouse feel like a mini extension of the home; painting the interior walls or even adding a cheap wallpaper will do absolute wonders and transform your play house into a play home. For the colour scheme, keep it light and bright, and consider the theme that will appeal to your children (pink for princesses, silver for spaceships, brown and yellow for pirates etc.). If you still feel like more customisation will help them feel at home in the playhouse, consider hanging some of their artwork from school or some of their favourite posters from the bedrooms. The point is to make them feel comfortable and give them their own space that feels like their space. You know your child better than anyone, so you know what they’ll want to see.

In Conclusion…

A playhouse should be as individual and as playful as the children that will be filling it with laughter and memories. What we’ve offered here is little more than a suggestion. Feel free to let your imaginations run wild and decorate your playhouse in any manner you see fit. And remember, however much time and effort you’ll need to spend designing and decorating to get the playhouse looking “just right” will be paid back twofold in time you can enjoy to yourselves when they have their home and you have yours!

If you have any playhouse decorating ideas that you feel we might have missed, meanwhile, feel free to leave a comment below.

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