Dreamy Treehouse Illustrations That Will Soothe Your Inner Child

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When you were a wee ankle-biter, what did you dream of growing up to be? A mighty queen surrounded by dragons? Perhaps a crime-fighting superhero with a high-tech lair? Maybe you imagined being whisked away to the wizarding world? These dreamy treehouse illustrations will transport you back to a time before bills, mortgages, and managing your work-life balance. In fact… they might even have you running to your nearest DIY store to create your own lair.

A long time ago, in a faraway galaxy we dreamed of a spaceship of our very own. Not quite able to foot the bill? Our dreamy treehouse includes its very own R2D2 front door (to keep watch and the galaxy safe!) as well as a beautiful lit step ladder in the style of a lightsabre just in case anyone was doubting what side your alliances lay.

A watercolour drawing of a Star-Wars inspired treehouse compete with R2-S2 doorway

Did you get hooked on Stranger Things, like we did? Intrigued by what the “Upside Down” might be like IRL? This Stranger Things-inspired treehouse is the one for you. With brightly coloured festoon lights to warm you of the impending arrival of any Demogorgon’s (read: mum or dad), it’s festive, yet freaky at the same time. The house itself mimics Eleven’s “bedroom” in the first season; hidden under a table but from up here, you’ll have a much better view of what’s coming to get you…

A watercolour drawing of a Stranger Things inspired treehouse with coloured lights and blanket fort

Are any of us ready for the final season of Game of Thrones? No? Thought not… If you’re not quite ready to part with the Mother of Dragons, Jon Snow, and Tyrion then don’t worry, you can keep the dream alive with our GoT-inspired treehouse. Walk your very own wall, fend off the white walkers, and protect your castle from rival houses with sinister plans…

A watercolour drawing of a Game of Thrones inspired treehouse complete with stone wall and secret ladder

If, like me, you’re still waiting for your Hogwarts acceptance letter (maybe Errol got a hold of it?) then perhaps the next best thing would be to create your very own Hogwarts-inspired treehouse? Hidden in the gnarliest of trees (for protection, obviously) our designers imagine a broomstick swing, secrets turrets from which to cast your spells and learn wandlore, and a cute as a button treehouse reminiscent of Bill and Fleur’s Cornish cottage…

A watercolour drawing of a Harry-Potter inspired tree-house compete with broom swing, shell roof, and turret

We can’t think of anything cooler than Batman’s bat cave. Whether you play the Dark Knight himself, or any one of his crime-fighting accomplices this, slightly more lo-fi, batcave is sure to provide the perfect place to store the batmobile, batsuit, bat-gadgets and bat-cat! Complete with periscope and fireman’s pole, you can keep your eye on the mean streets and be ready to take down the baddies in a matter of minutes…

A watercolour drawing of a Batcave inspired treehouse complete with periscope, firemans pole and tarpaulin.

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