What Were Famous People/Characters Like As Children?

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lady gaga and david bowie

“What’s their story?” That’s what we often find ourselves asking when we come across a musician or an actor with great talent. We can usually delve deep into the internet to dip into the past of our favourite celebs, albeit some are more elusive than others, but when it comes to our favourite characters from films and box-set binges, it’s a little more difficult to find their back story – often we are left to our own imagination. Sometimes we might get a few hints about a character’s background but more often than not, we’re left asking – “Were they always this evil?”, “How did they turn out that way?”. It’s even fun to imagine how the early years of a mythical creature may have formed them into the character they are today!
With this all in mind, we set about to imagine what your favourite idols and characters would have been like as children.

game of thrones characters

Cersei, Jon Snow and Daenerys from Game of Thrones

This epic fantasy series is gripping the nation with its dramatic storylines and interwoven plots, and even though we get a peek into the formative years of some of the main characters, it’s interesting to think how some of them would have interacted with others, whose paths have not yet crossed. Take Cersei, Jon and Daenerys, we don’t imagine they would have played very nicely together – even as children. Cersei would not want to share her toys and probably be quite controlling, whereas Jon and Daenerys would get on well, play together and try teach Cersei a lesson.

ross and monica from friends

Monica & Ross Geller from Friends

Two of the most famous siblings in TV land. This highly strung pair seem to have come from a very close-knit family, and we can imagine that a lot of their play-time was spent in each others’ company. It’s easy to imagine the easy-going Ross being bossed around by his little sister and Monica revelling in being the best hostess in grade school, with an immaculately clean play house. No mud pies here! Ross’ love for all things paleontological never waned, even when Rachel entered the frame – thus proving that igniting a kids enthusiasm for learning can last a lifetime.



The origins of super villains always intrigue us. Why are they so bad – what happened to them? Do they just need a hug?? Whether you’re a marvel fan or not, chances are you’ve heard the name Thanos crop up. His name is famous but how much do we really know about him – his character is still somewhat of an enigma in the movies. Well Thanos had an awkward start in life – as if it wasn’t bad enough that his mum tried to kill him on birth, he was also bullied for being different. Well, purple actually. During his formative years, Thanos was a pacifist, happy to play with his brother Eros and his animals, but by adolescence he was obsessed with nihilism and death. Bullying is BAD kids.

lady gaga as a child

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, or Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (phew) by her real name, crashed onto the music scene with her outrageous style-come-performance-art. It is well documented that Lady Gaga felt like a bit of an outcast during her youth, considered a bit weird and eccentric, she was also very driven. We like to think of her spending hours in her room trying on crazy outfits and experimenting with all different manner of props and styles. You do you Lady Gaga!



Not many of us escaped the sheer panic of entering any body of water after watching Jaws for the first time! Sharks do have a bit of a reputation, but are generally thought to be misunderstood. Was Jaws just an over-boisterous fish, just trying to ‘play’ with those wriggly legged ‘toys’ bobbing about in the sea? Doubtful. We think Jaws was always a bad ‘un, and got a taste for people at the local baths when he was a wee tiddler.

david bowie

David Bowie

Ah David. The legendary Bowie. Ziggy Stardust. This guy had creativity literally oozing from him in the form of style and musical genius. It’s easy to think of Bowie as a kind of Peter Pan character – never having had his creativity stifled – instead nourished and encouraged, he was reportedly very driven and known for ‘brawling’ at school, so we imagine any attempts to bully him were abandoned! We’d bet that David spent hours in front of a mirror experimenting with different looks/ and poses – seeing everything from a design point of view, just waiting for the perfect moment in history (the 1970s) to make his big break.

malorie hayes of birdbox

Malorie Hayes from Birdbox

We get little snippets about Malorie and her sister Jess’ childhood at the beginning of the popular Netflix hit ‘Birdbox’. There is brief reference to their mother not being very ‘present’ and there seems to be a running theme of horses and their father being a ‘real cowboy’. In any case, it seems like it was unconventional upbringing at best, and whatever their circumstances, Malorie seems well adapted to coping with really stressful situations and pushing through anything to survive! It’s almost like she’s been preparing for some apocalyptic situation her whole life…

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