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Commercial Climbing Frames

If you’re looking to create a more family-friendly environment at your business premises, be it a holiday resort, beer garden or public park, a Hy-land commercial climbing frame is perfect! Built using robust, weather-resistant materials, these Hy-land commercial climbing frames are the recreation facilities of choice for companies such as McDonalds and Ikea.
Climbing frames for restaurants are a great way to help the kids in your eatery burn off some steam after their meal and allow their parents or guardians a little more time to relax. A trip to the shopping centre or mall is rarely as exciting for a child as it is for the parent. With this in mind, it as well to make the shopping experience as fun as possible for the children to make it as stress-free as possible for your customers. The less stressed that they are, the more likely they are to spend more time and money in your stores. Hy-land’s climbing frames for shopping centres do just that. They make shopping fun! They give the child somewhere to escape for a few minutes and be whisked away to a magical world of make-believe.
From a 4-person climbing frame to a 12-person apparatus, the Hy-land climbing frames are built to be as big as you need them to be, with plenty to entertain the kids. Slides, ladders, ramp and climbing wall are all available within this range. These high quality commercial climbing frames provide maximum return on investment for minimal outlay.
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