BizzieBodies Kids Climbing Frames

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Sometimes children surprise you with their imagination. Pretending a tree is a mountain or a dog is a lion… But sometimes they need a little inspiration. The climbing frame accessories which are available to accompany the Jungle Gym playsets help to fuel their already vivid imagination.
For instance, you can add a phone handset so that they can pretend to gossip on the phone, a steering wheel kit and they will instantly turn in to Lewis Hamilton, overtaking the other cars at breakneck speed to meet the chequered flag and clinch the world championship. Introduce the star-oscope and watch as the pirates spy out new land to find the hidden treasure on their secret treasure map. Maybe they’ll discover new worlds out in the cosmos and set a course for some distant star. The cheeky peek-oscope periscope enables them to spy without being seen, be they a submarine captain or a top-secret agent sneaking up on a target.
  Climbing frame swings and accessories are designed to be altered as you need, with twist disk, swing seat, sling swing and baby seat attachments available. You can play endless climbing frame games with the talking tube, pulley bucket, rock wall and tic-tac-toe game. For additional recreation you can add a fireman’s pole or a step ladder.

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