BizzieBodies Kids Climbing Frames

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Additional Modules

To complement your Jungle Gym climbing frame, you can bolt-on any number of additional sections to add on. Whether it’s a simple swing-set, a balcony, a bridge or a mini climbing wall, we have all of the adventure your children crave at a price that suits your pocket.
Don’t underestimate the simple joy that your children can get from playing on a swing. Hours and hours of happily pointing their toes to the clouds sailing high and gleefully gliding and flying. Choose from a single or double swing module depending on your needs.
The balcony module creates more space up top, so there’s room for everyone to be King or Queen of the castle. Watch as they re-enact their own Romeo and Juliet, rescue the princess from the dragon, or abseil from the fiery inferno that only they can see.
A picnic table is a simple and cute way to feed the kids when you eat al fresco as you dish up the hot dogs.
There is also a mini market. Market stalls are a great, fun way to introduce your children to counting and money by making buying and selling into a game. The bridge and net links connect forts and tower modules to encourage your children to step out and take on new challenges.
Playing “house” is one of the oldest children’s games around. The playhouse module is the perfect addition to your climbing frame, giving shelter in inclement weather and a hiding place for hide-and-seek games. With train and ship modules also available, let their mind go wild with imagination.

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