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Jungle Gym combination climbing frames offer a little more than the standard kid's climbing frame. With the fun swing attachments, the climbing frame will become a hubbub of activity at birthday parties, playdates, and on sunny days and cloudy days alike.
Jungle Gym offer the very best in wooden climbing frames, climbing frames with slides and climbing frames with slides and swings. Bizzie Bodies is proud to supply the ever-popular Jungle Gym range. Our combination children’s climbing frames can be delivered to you within 8 -10 days of ordering, with finance packages available. It’s not just swing packages that are available in the combination range.
There’s a market stall for shop games where they can grasp the use of money and counting, or you could add a balcony, so there’s room for them all to be king or queen of the castle!
A bridge between modules creates a great sense of space for your children to play and express themselves, giving an opportunity to overcome trepidation by trying new things. There are many options and combinations, the only limit is your imagination.
As you create a space that is just for the kids, they will relish the opportunity to let off steam and to be as loud and as excitable as they like. Encourage your children to build memories in your garden as they grow and explore together, striding bravely into a new and exciting world with confidence.

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Tower 2-Swing
Jungle Tower and 2-Swing Module

Tower Balcony 2-Swing
Jungle Tower, Balcony and 2-Swing Module

Cottage Boat
Jungle Cottage and Boat Module

Mansion 1-Swing
Jungle Mansion and 1-Swing Module

Lodge Playhouse 2-Swing
Jungle Lodge, Playhouse and 2-Swing Module

Chalet Balcony 2-Swing
Jungle Chalet, Balcony and 2-Swing Module

Cottage Train
Jungle Cottage and Train Module

Mansion Balcony
Jungle Mansion and Balcony Module

Mansion Mini Picnic
Jungle Mansion and Mini Picnic Module

Mansion Mini Market
Jungle Mansion and Mini Market Module

Chalet Mini Market 2-Swing
Jungle Chalet, Mini Market and 2-Swing Module

Mansion Playhouse
Jungle Mansion and Playhouse Module

Fort Playhouse 2-Swing
Jungle Fort, Playhouse and 2-Swing Module

Fort Mini Market 2-Swing
Jungle Fort, Mini Market and 2-Swing Module

Chalet Playhouse 2-Swing
Jungle Chalet, Playhouse and 2-Swing Module

Cubby Train
Jungle Cubby and Train Module

Mansion Climb
Jungle Mansion and Climb Module

Farm Playhouse 2-Swing
Jungle Farm, Playhouse and 2-Swing Module

Palace Mini Market 2-Swing
Jungle Palace, Mini Market and 2-Swing Module

Mansion Playhouse 2-Swing
Jungle Mansion, Playhouse and 2-Swing Module

Mansion Bridge
Jungle Mansion and Bridge Module

Palace Playhouse 2-Swing
Jungle Palace, Playhouse and 2-Swing Module

Mansion Boat
Jungle Mansion and Boat Module

Mansion Train
Jungle Mansion and Train Module

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